What do you get when a folk singer/songwriter combines forces with a metalhead? THE FOND of FLYERS!

They hail from the music mecca known as Nowhere, Iowa, which many have referred to as "the locale where bands go to die." Whatever - rock 'n' roll is alive! They combine their energy and love of various genres to create music that is best described as rock-pop-alternative with a twist.

Mike "Fonda" Tiedeman, the lead singer and rhythm guitarist, cut his teeth on the acoustic guitar in college by listening to Jack Johnson and Foo Fighters albums. He made his rounds on the music bar scene for more than a decade, performing solo shows all the while writing his own material. Eventually he connected with his hometown friend and bassist, Josh "Niel" Nielsen, who had been performing steadily with full bands since high school. After a few shows together, they knew they needed to complete the band by adding Jesse "Wipp" Wipperling on drums and Josh "Stew" Stewart on lead guitar. Wipp and Stew had been bandmates with Niel, so the chemistry was already palpable. Even though the fellas have only been together since July 2020, the quartet will be releasing their debut album titled A-OK Inferno in July 2021, which contains a mixture of of rock, pop, folk, alternative, and shades of metal but doused in verve. Check them out live and make sure you check out their new album! 

The first single, "Look to the Stars," channels their party-rock vibes to quickly imbue the band's passion. If the listener is looking for a grunge anthem, "Van Gogh" exhibits power of word and sound. "Tripwire" is considered their most pop-friendly jam due to it's fun and explosive nature. Finishing off the album is "Saint Arson" that begins stripped down and crescendos to roaring solos. Regardless of listeners' musical tastes, they are bound to find "the song" that relates and hits the right tone. The various influences that each brings to the group has created a new sound with a familiar feel.